I hated sleeping on pillows until I found this Amazon set that’s on sale for Black Friday

Take it from me, fellow front sleepers

Pillows on a bed with striped duvet
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The world was designed for morning people and back and side sleepers. As a night owl and a front sleeper, I've had quite the journey trying to find my dream sleep setup. You'll find the best pillows (and all other bedding for that matter) aren't really made for people who have a face-down approach. For this reason, I used to hate pillows with a fiery passion. That was until I found a pair of them on Amazon that I not only tolerated but actually loved.

I normally start out on a pillow then angrily shove it off the bed and sleep face to mattress instead. Most pillows feel suffocating and wildly uncomfortable around my neck when I'm trying to snooze. Fortunately, the Martian Made pillow set (opens in new tab) was a holy grail bedding find. 

My old approach for finding pillows was choosing the cheapest, adding to cart, and complaining about the quality. I've learned over the last couple of years though that bedding makes an enormous difference in sleep quality, especially for insomniacs. Pillows are certainly part of that equation. While I probably would've rolled my eyes at spending more than £20 on them in the past, it's hard to put a price on finally sleeping well. If you're still unsure about spending for a better shut-eye, it's hard to find a better time than now while these pillows are discounted for Black Friday.

Martian Made Ultra Soft Hotel Pillows | Was £48.99 (opens in new tab)

Martian Made Ultra Soft Hotel Pillows | Was £48.99 Now £39.99 ( save £9) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The only pillows I've ever enjoyed sleeping on are on sale for Black Friday (opens in new tab). The filling isn't too soft or too firm and the bamboo material is smooth and breathable. Though I initially bought these for guests, I purchased another set pretty quickly after I tried them out. As a stomach sleeper, they're not suffocatingly fluffy nor are they too high (no craned necks here).

Everything to know about these Martian Made pillows

  • Size: Standard size (75 x 48 cm)
  • Outer material: Bamboo
  • Fill material: Microfiber polyester down alternative
  • Machine washable: Cover is machine washable
  • Adjustment period: 24 hours to fully puff out once unboxed

Pillows on a bed with books on top of the duvet

(Image credit: Future / Melissa Epifano)

Initially, this set was a last-minute purchase when I realised we had guests coming and I most definitely didn't have enough pillows to go around. Though they're slightly more expensive than other options, the set of two is currently on sale for Black Friday. The investment is worth it too, especially when it's the difference between sleeping with your head angled awkwardly on the mattress or comfortably cradled.

They come neatly vacuum-packed and expand in several hours — though it's best to give them a day to fully plump out. After washing one of my own much-hated pillows, I decided to steal one of these off the guest bed while it dried. At first, I couldn't believe how comfy it felt and was only more astonished when I woke up with my head still on the pillow. The plush bamboo is cuddly but breathable, and if anything, you won't want to lift your head off when your alarm goes off. Hearing one person (me) wax poetic about the pillows is one thing, but the other 2,000+ five-star ratings they've earned certainly back up how I feel. 

It also helps that they were so reasonably priced, at just £50 for two when they're not discounted. This means they are going straight into our best affordable pillows guide.

Who are Martian Made pillows best for?

As a stomach sleeper, I rarely ever find pillows that work for me. That being said, my husband sleeps on his back and side, and our guests have also commented on the comfort of the pillows, so it's easy to envision these working for most people. Even picky insomniacs (like myself) will realise how big of a difference a quality pillow makes.

Pillows are a very personal buy, but I've found these aren't too firm, fluffy, or flat. Maritan Made's cloud-like cushions may or may not be the Goldilocks of the bedding world. My head sinks in slightly but it still feels supported. Most importantly, I don't feel as if my face is imprisoned by a puffy wall. If you need major support or prefer an extra-firm pillow, this model isn't the one. If you're a front sleeper or a very harsh pillow critic, definitely give these a try before their full price returns. 

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