72 bedroom ideas to create the dreamiest sanctuary

Swoon and sleep bedroom ideas, trends and styling tips to transform your space into a blissful boudoir that delivers on style and comfort.

Refreshing and calm bedroom with light mint walls, lived-in bedlinen layers, and rustic wooden furniture, with shapely upholstered headboard.
(Image credit: Loaf)

Bedrooms are such personal spaces, so it's so important to decorate yours in a way that suits your tastes and needs. From giving you energy in the morning so that you wake up refreshed, to being serene enough to help you wind down with ease, this hardworking space should keep you happy. So we've put our best bedroom ideas together to help inspire your own blissful bubble boudoir. 

What we love about decorating a bedroom, is that you don't have to make considerable changes to see and feel great results. A simple switch of a headboard, adding some new colorful cushions to your best bedding sets, or even just a statement rug could add depth to your bedroom decor. 

Mary Maydan, Founder and Principal of Maydan Architects , says: 'The bedroom is the place in the house where we want to forget our busy day, relax, and unwind. For my own bedroom, I selected for the walls and ceiling a white color with a subtle touch of grayish-blue. It created a very peaceful atmosphere. The artwork in the bedroom, which is one color of dark blue-gray in different textures, also achieves the same calming effect. No one needs drama when they go to sleep.'

From modern bedroom ideas, to small bedroom ideas, DIY bedroom ideas, and more, no matter what your style or budget, you'll find plenty of inspiration.

1. Create a focal point with a statement headboard 

Tall, patterned headboard in earthy bedroom scheme, with padded patterned bench at foot-end of bed, and spiced apricot walls.

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

Add the instant wow factor with a crowning glory headboard featuring a shapely silhouette, and punchy patterned upholstery. And if you dare look to the sky with an exaggerated height, draw the eye up. 

Martin Waller, founder, Andrew Martin (opens in new tab), says: ‘More care and attention will be placed in our bedrooms as we spend more time at home and appreciate the space. Our bedroom interiors should be as individual as the people that inhabit them. Don’t be afraid to choose a more outlandish style as this only adds more character.  We no longer need artwork in bedrooms when we have a headboard shaped to elaborate perfection or upholstered in a bold-patterned fabric acting as a piece of artwork itself. Look to the Firmdale Hotels for inspiration on using bold colors and patterns and have fun coordinating your headboard with wallpaper or a throw.’ 

Feeling crafty? Design and create your own DIY upholstered scalloped headboard for a beautiful design statement that's quick to pull together and easy on the budget.

2. Create ambience and intimacy with layered lighting 

Statement pendant light in sophisticated bedroom with mono contrast walls, grey upholstered winged headboard, and mustard accent chair and throw.

(Image credit: lights&lamps)

Nailing the perfect bedroom lighting ideas is essential to setting the optimum mood and ambiance in your sleep recovery room

Sheva Knopfler, co-founder and creative director, Lights.com (opens in new tab), says: ‘When you start thinking about bedroom lighting, you should think about the function of each light in that space. Do you need task lighting for your desk? Perhaps vanity lighting for your makeup? An accent light over your dressing area? It is always necessary to layer light fixtures based on the functionality of your space.’

Peter Bowles, founder and managing director, Original BTC (opens in new tab), says: ‘Bedrooms are practical as well as relaxation spaces, so plan your lighting accordingly. Use a mixture of task, mood, and accent lighting to create a layered scheme that will work at any time of day and across the seasons – cozy in winter, light and airy in summer.’

‘Most people forget that the bedroom is supposed to be as calm as it is functional. While bright lights are necessary for our outfit changes and morning routines, we need ambient lighting for winding down at night. I highly recommend installing dimmers for all lights in the bedroom. You can fully customize how bright you need the light and, in some cases, how low you need it. Not only is this beneficial for overhead lighting, but accent lighting should also be dimmable to your liking.’

As shown, the extremely pretty Pello chandelier (opens in new tab) from lights&lamps is luscious, curvaceous, and harmonious. Two scalloped tiers are hung with white crystal glass swags and illuminated from within. Detailed with a soft warm gold chain.

3. Avoid ceiling fixtures in rooms with low ceilings 

Aubergine wall, relaxed lounge chair with indigo spot cushion, pink bedside with chrome lamp, and striped bedding with colored pillows.

(Image credit: Liza Reyes; Nancy Neil Photography Studios)

In need of small bedroom lighting ideas where proportions of grandeur are a thing of period drama daydreams?

Knopfler says: ‘For bedrooms with lower ceiling heights, I would skip a center light fixture and just go with recessed ceiling lights. Instead, I would suggest adding character and style to the room with table lamps and/or bedroom wall lights.'

4.  Make your bed the center of attention with bold bedding 

Bright and cheerful check and color block bedding, fringed yellow drum shade, and modernist wooden furniture in cozy bedroom scheme.

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Ditch the hotel white, and inject some personality into your space with patterned bedlinen, throws, and pillows that will help you wake up happy and energized every day!

Joanna Ross, general manager of design, Sheridan (opens in new tab) says: ‘Allow your bed to be the center of attention. It should be the focal point of your bedroom. By adding vibrant colors, striking patterns, and textures – you will be sure to draw your eye straight to your bed.’

Check out the best places to buy bedding with our comprehensive editor-approved list of the best places to shop for bedding for all needs and budgets.

5. In small spaces choose a bed with built-in drawers 

Sliding doors leading onto storage bed with wood drawers.

(Image credit: Laura Fenton; Weston Wells)

Trying to figure out what's the best bed 2022? Laura Fenton, author of The Little Book of Living Small (opens in new tab), is a HUGE fan of a bed with built-in storage drawers: ‘They've been a lifesaver in all the small spaces I have lived in,' she says.

‘A bed frame with built-in drawers is a great way to put your sleeping space to use - especially handy in a small bedroom design. In my own apartment, I have a wooden captain’s bed with six drawers built into the frame, which allows my husband and I to store all our folded clothing right in our tiny bedroom without the need for a chest of drawers. Storage beds are also great for guest rooms because you can store the room’s linens in the drawers and leave your guests the bureau drawers to use. In a kid’s room, a bed with drawers can store toys. In fact, we recently swapped out our son’s basic IKEA bed for a twin-size storage bed with three big drawers, so we could stash his toys (opens in new tab) more neatly under the bed.’

6. Invest in an ottoman storage bed 

Teal raised top ottoman storage bed in white loft bedroom, with skylights.

(Image credit: Furl)

Emma Coates, interior designer, Home with Emma (opens in new tab), says: ‘My go-to product to amplify storage in a bedroom will always be an ottoman bed. They are a great way of using over 3.5m2 of space that is so often underutilized. It's easy to reach every centimeter of space and your items are protected from the usual dust that builds up under a bed.’

‘Made have some of my favorite ottoman beds on the market right now. Their Cory ottoman storage bed (opens in new tab) is a dream. I love the rich navy shade, and the high padded headboard will create a striking feature in any room, ideal if you are renting and can’t paint your walls or hang artwork above your bed. 

7. Freshen up your window dressings 

Mono patterned and plain full length drapes behind upholstered gray bed with relaxed bedlinen, and black wall light.

(Image credit: Yond Interiors)

Enhance your bedroom with an additional layer of welcoming texture, and ensure a great night's sleep, by choosing the best bedroom window ideas for your scheme - be that drapes or blinds, or a combination of both. 

Angela Boswell, founder, the drape (opens in new tab), says: 'Blackout Curtains can turn a bedroom into a sleeping haven. The ultimate luxury would be the room darkening curtain with blackout lining, hung close to the ceiling and all the way down to the floor.'

Lisa Slack, head of product, Thomas Sanderson, says: 'Roman blinds in a blackout fabric work perfectly in the sleepy areas of the house, by reducing light levels and stopping the sunshine glare disturbing you in those lighter months.'

'Champagne colored roman blinds contrast nicely with a dark gray color scheme, combining elegance and sophistication into one room.’

8. Zone your space with paint 

Blush painted large circle behind bed, with large rattan ceiling pendant, and chunky blush knit throw on bed.

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Helen Shaw, UK director, Benjamin Moore (opens in new tab), says: ‘In all rooms, but especially bedrooms, sparing use of strong color is a super-effective way of drawing the eye and creating a feature. Create both a focal point and a sense of fun by masking off a simple geometric space above the bed and filling it with your favorite bedroom paint colors.’

9. Max-out your bedroom’s potential with multifunctional furniture

Office bedroom with wooden desk, and coordinating bed with built-in storage drawers, and modern artwork in pastel hues on wall.

(Image credit: Lights.com)

Challie Stillman, VP of Sales & Design at Resource Furniture (opens in new tab), says: ‘People stuck at home are starting to recognize that our bedrooms might be put to better use during the 16 hours each day we’re not sleeping in them. Multi-functional pieces allow you to transform shared bedrooms and have the furniture act as an extension of a space’s architecture, making it feel twice the size. Wall beds not only provide comfortable sleeping accommodations, but also have a second function when the bed is not in use — like an integrated sofa, dining table, or desk for working from home — enabling homeowners to get twice as much flexibility and functionality from a space.’

Zaeem Chaudhary, Architectural Draftsman, AC Design Solutions (opens in new tab), says: ‘Incorporate double-duty furniture into your bedroom: Small storage cabinets in place of a table, a floating drawer in place of just a shelf even the nightstand, if you let it, may double as extra storage. True, a small bedroom space means less place for a nightstand as well as other furniture, rather than going for something sleek, see if you can squeeze in some storage.’

10. Choose a neutral bedroom carpet 

Pale gold carpet with subtle floral pattern, leather retro chair, stacked books on vertical shelf, and exaggerated wood headboard.

(Image credit: Brintons)

Choose the right bedroom flooring to enhance your sleeping space underfoot. A neutral color palette is best suited to rooms you spend a lot of time in, such as a bedroom or living room, where relaxing tones are key to creating a happy space. Neutrals are versatile with the ability to provide a platform and set the scene. 

Lisa Conway, marketing manager, Brintons (opens in new tab), says: ‘The texture of the carpet is key to preventing a neutral scheme from looking dull. An alternative flooring like wood or tiles can make a room feel stark and bare, whereas a soft woven wool carpet, layered with accessories in cashmere, mohair, and linen will all work to soften a look and create an inviting scheme.’

11. Layer rugs to create warmth and coziness underfoot 

White master bedroom with button-back upholstered headboard, mirror leaning against wall, and large area rug in subtle pattern.

(Image credit: Clipper House)

Waller says: ‘For the feeling of kicking your shoes off and nestling your bare feet into a soft, cushioning weave as opposed to a cold tiled or wooden floor. And don’t stop at just one rug, layer them up for added interest as well as warmth.’

12. Switch-on with bedside table lighting 

Peach walls with burgundy contrast velvet bed and full length drapes, with tonal bedding, pillows and accessories, and black pendant lights over bedside tables.

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Get creative with your bedside lighting! Although lamps are traditionally favored here, wall sconces and pendants have been popularized to save space on your nightstand and give the space a sophisticated look.

Niki Wright, co-founder, lights&lamps (opens in new tab), says: ‘Single pendants work well on a bedside table as they don’t take up valuable surface space, however, if a table lamp is your only option a shaded lamp with a soft diffusion or dimmable lamp is preferred to ease the eyes before sleep.’

Knopfler says: ‘From dainty pocket lights to adjustable swing arm lights, wall sconces are becoming the bedside light of choice over traditional table lamps. Set your light on a dimmer for functionality! Our Owen One Arm Wall Light (opens in new tab) was designed with bedside lighting in mind! Pocket lights are picking up momentum, or small bedside reading lights.’

13. Keep cool throughout the seasons

Relaxed summery bedroom scheme with smoothie inspired bedlinen in light and pastel shades.

(Image credit: Loaf)

Switch up your bedlinen options to regulate sleep and restore temperatures through the changing seasons. After all, it's all about snug fabrics in winter and more crisp lightweights throughout the summer.

Interior designer, Maria DeCotiis (opens in new tab), advises: Switch to linen fabrics to keep cool in the summer - Stay cool in the summer months by switching to linen bedding. Linen is a more relaxed and breathable fabric for warmer weather. For colors, swap out gray tones for something bright and fun, whatever suits your style!’

*Recommended Shopping Picks: Au Lit Fine Linens (opens in new tab).

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14. Unwind with scented diffusers 

Scented diffuser on blue stacked books on bedside table.

(Image credit: The French Bedroom Company)

Scented diffusers are perfect to add fragrance and a light, airy feel to your bedroom. Lavender diffusers work particularly well in the bedroom because of their calming properties. Lavender scents are proven to boost your mood whilst helping you drift off to sleep.

We've tested the best reed diffusers for 2022, from Neom to Rituals and Archipelago Botanicals, to scent your home in style this year.

15. Create a clutter-free environment to aid sleep 

Black and pink bedroom scheme with white padded headboard, light sage walls, peony on bedside, and black wall light.

(Image credit: Tori Murphy)

It's important to remember how much our environment can affect our sleep. A messy and cluttered bedroom will not only affect how fast you fall asleep but the quality of your sleep.

Carl Walsh, sleep expert and owner, Bed Guru, says: 'If every time you get into bed you're surrounded by mess and clutter this can distract you as you're trying to fall asleep, make you feel anxious or on-edge, and lead to a bad night's sleep. It's recommended that your bedroom should have no clutter, there should only be items that help you sleep better. For example, good quality, comfortable bedding, lamps for more ambient lighting at night, white noise machines, and a book - are all things that help send your body into a sleepy state when it's time to get into bed and unwind from the day.’

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, learn how to declutter a bedroom with expert tips for a tidy space.

16. Enhance your space with a two-tone palette 

Two-tone bedroom in

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Wondering how to make a small bedroom look bigger? It's all about creating optical trickery with a two-tone color approach.

Shaw says: ‘Painting a room in two colors is a great way to create the illusion of space or higher ceilings, as well as adding overall interest. If you are not using an architectural feature such as a dado rail to separate the colors, we recommend using a low tack tape to help get sharp lines between two shades.’

‘Facing each other on the color wheel, purple and green pair intuitively together. Using soft ice-cream shades of each, with plenty of white as a contrast, gives light and airy bedrooms a fresh, contemporary feel.’

17. Highlight the ceiling with dreamy hues

Yellow painted ceiling with light green walls, and black four-poster bed with crystal chandelier.

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Invite the dreamiest bedroom ceiling ideas into your sleeping space and wake up to beautiful beginnings, every day.

Shaw says: ‘Ceilings are a much-neglected part of the home. Often an afterthought, painted white by default and forgotten, they actually play an important part in the feel of a room. In a bedroom, using yellow on the ceiling makes a bold yet happy statement, and is destined to bring a smile first thing every morning.’

18. Choose integrated designs to max-out floor space 

Neutral hued integrated built-in storage around bed, with bedside lamp and dried grasses in vase.

(Image credit: Sharps)

Creating a well-designed bedroom with enough space to seamlessly store everything is at the heart of achieving a tranquil environment - especially when pondering small bedroom ideas for couples

Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager, Sharps, says: ‘Choosing fitted storage means you can make use of every inch of space and customize the interior fittings for maximum utility.  An integrated design that uses the space behind and next to your headboard makes for an efficient solution to maximize floor space. With the latest sleek handless designs, the finished design is not only practical but also provides a sleek and discrete finish so you can create features in other areas of the room.’

19. Create a rustic ambience with natural elements 

Cabin style twin guest room with original wood features, and cozy textiles for hunker down appeal.

(Image credit: THE MANOR Chris & Nicole The Manor; McLelland at Mohican Media)

Knopfler says: ‘The bedroom should be as serene as it is stylish, and one trend I’ve noticed is the use of natural elements in decor. Wood, marble, and greenery are commonly used throughout our homes. We added a jute flush mount (opens in new tab) to our collection this year that is perfect for a rustic bedroom look.’

Laura Mooney, owner and head of creative, The Mohicans Treehouse Resort & Wedding Venue (opens in new tab), talks us through this beautiful guest bedroom design in The Manor (opens in new tab): ‘The walls are made from the original wood. They are not square nor level but really capture the essence of the old, rustic spirit of the home. It is important not to over-repair when an element is not in the best shape. Instead, work with it the way it is. By highlighting the natural wear and tear, you will invoke a charm from times past, one deeply embedded in our country's origins.’

‘Featuring the natural wood is also a seamless way to bring the outside in. The Manor is surrounded by beautiful wooded groves and rolling hills that the Mohican Valley is known for, so it was important to incorporate this natural landscape into the overall aesthetic of the entire cabin. I was thinking with the choice of materials and colors so as to not disrupt the flow of the vintage design.’

‘A great option is to buy one-of-a-kind consignment pieces from places like Arhaus (opens in new tab), Restoration Hardware (opens in new tab), or Crate & Barrel (opens in new tab) (i.e. an upholstered loveseat, a vanity, an armoire, etc). Very much like a feature/focal point, a strong decorative piece will anchor any room. Finish the space with nature-centric imagery (i.e. topography, flora, fauna, and the elements) that will lend well to your goal of continuity throughout the home.’

20. Install a Murphy bed in a bedroom-cum-study 

Fold-down bed in modern bedroom office, with wood room divider and modern fittings.

(Image credit: Resource Furniture)

Mary Maydan, founder and principal, Maydan Architects (opens in new tab)‘We recently designed a small study that includes a cozy reading nook, bookcase, and concealed Murphy bed that allows the homeowners to use the space as a study or a bedroom depending on their needs. We highly recommend this tactic, as it can be both beautiful and functional.’

21. Add character with antique or vintage finds 

Eclectic bedroom with bird inspired headboard, ornate painted chest of drawers, artwork, metallic objet, and multi color striped carpet.

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

For a romantic bedroom idea, curate your space with unique treasures, and one-off finds, and make it as extra special as your soul mate coupling.

Waller says: ‘Vintage and collectible accessories will also add eternal quirk and give a space which might otherwise be on-trend but lifeless, a real sense of depth, personality, and soul. They will highlight the minimalist backdrop in which they sit, accentuating your fashionable and meticulously thought-out scheme, whilst adding something original from which the conversation starts. I mean that metaphorically and literally, there always has to be a surprise in a room to create visual excitement as well as something new to talk about with guests.’

22. Layer up the textures 

a layered textured bedroom in beige tones - Kate and Mike’s schoolhouse renovation took more than their share of blood, sweat and tears – but the unique open-plan home they’ve created is worth the effort

(Image credit: Future© Fiona Murray)

The main thing you want from your bedroom decor is for it to create a comfy and cozy space. No matter what your style; super modern or lived-in like this boho bedroom, the easiest way to achieve this is to layer up the textures. Pile up throw pillow and blankets on the bed and keep things soft underfoot with a large area rug and small rug layered on top. Our guide to the best duvet covers and bedding sets brings you our favorite tried and tested bed linen for combining style and comfort.

'In our hectic age of constant connectivity – creating a calm, beautiful bedroom where we can retreat and sleep well, is vital.' explains Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company (opens in new tab). 'The bed is always the main feature, so styling it beautifully is important and which bedspread, throw, or cushions we choose can transform the way the room looks. Take time and enjoy the pleasure of making it a really special space, because we spend 1/3 of our lives here too.'

23. Pick a statement bed as a focal point

a cast-iron four poster bed in a modern bedroom. When renovating their run-down period terrace, Ali and Rob created an open-plan extension that works for everyone

(Image credit: Rachel Manns)

If you have always dreamed of a four-poster bed, we say go for it. There are so many grown-up designs out there now and something to suit all styles too. It will add an instant focal point to your space and you can choose how much you dress it up. Keep it super simple like in this bedroom, or add curtains to create a really zen sleep space, or hang houseplants from the frame to add loads of texture. 

24. Strip back on furniture for minimal bedroom ideas

Loft bedroom with DIY headboard

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

Obviously, there are some pieces that are essential to a bedroom, ie. a bed and some form of storage but don't clutter up the space with too much furniture. If you want to create a lovely, calming, minimalist space, less is probably more so really think about what you are bringing into the space. 

Furnish your bedroom only with the essentials – a bed, a couple of bedside tables, and a dresser with a chair if you need one. If you have a closet keep all your clothes storage in there to free up floor space in the bedroom.

Employ the best bedroom organizers to help you on your quest for calm and zzz-zen...

25. Have fun with mixing patterns 

A fun and colorful bedroom with a playful bird wallpaper. With its rustic character and cosy interior, Karen and Adam Griggs’ former worker’s cottage comes into its own at Christmas

(Image credit: David Burton)

And if minimalist isn't your vibe, take inspiration from this fabulous space and this gorgeous bedroom wallpaper idea, to explore a more maximalist approach. Don't be afraid to mix patterns or styles – it will give your bedroom personality and make it feel unique to you. This bedroom just proves how stylish it can look when you bring together different styles. There are loads going on here; traditional style, boho textures, and industrial elements too with the lighting. It creates an all over laid back, purposely messy feel that's perfect for a relaxed bedroom

We're also loving the barn door used in the bedroom to slide over the bookshelf; you could use it to go over your closet too. They take up zero space and look stylish. 

26. Pick a cohesive color scheme

Pink bedroom with green cushions

(Image credit: Heather Dixon)

If you are after a more cohesive bedroom idea, sticking to a limited color palette is a good look to go for. We love this pink and green scheme, and how the pink covers all four walls and the ceiling too – a great hack to make a small bedroom feel bigger. The touches of white and black provide some contrast and stop the room from feeling too 2D.

If you're a smitten kitten with this pink bedroom look, take your space to the playful side and be inspired further to decorate with blush pink - the color trend that's set to stay. 

27. Add pattern to your bedroom floor with a rug 

White bedroom with blue patterned rug

(Image credit: Carmine & Teal)

When your bedroom flooring is looking a bit tired, or if you live in a rented home and want to add some personality, a rug is one of the easiest ways to change up your bedroom design without costing you a fortune!

If your current flooring is really ruining the whole vibe of your room, we recommend throwing down a massive area rug in a neutral color and material (something like jute is perfect) and then adding a patterned rug on top. This works especially well if you have plain white walls and more neutral furniture.

28. Redesign your bedroom with a new color scheme

A yellow bedroom with blue bedding and white carpets

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

If you want a completely new look, a different bedroom color scheme could be a great place to start. You might not need to change up too much either, especially if your walls are already painted quite a neutral color. 

Create a mood board or use Pinterest to come up with colors you love and even look at paint swatches to see how they will all work together. Then just start bringing all those new colors in with bedding, cushions, and rugs to start off. Once you know you are really happy with the new colors you can maybe go a bit bolder with paint, wallpaper, and furniture.

Uber fresh, light, and airy, this sunny yellow bedroom scheme is a sure-fire winner to lighten and brighten up a dark room and create the illusion of space. 

29. Choose a subtle pattern to add interest 

Pink bedroom idea with wallpaper

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

If you are confident in the atmosphere you want to create in your space, a bedroom wallpaper trend can be a quick and cheap way to bring in the right colors and patterns. Use the colors within your wallpaper to dictate the rest of your room – we adore how the subtle pink hues work with the gorgeous bed set up here.

30. Wallpaper *all* your bedroom walls for a cozy feel

Scandinavian bedroom with Sandberg wallpaper

(Image credit: Sandberg )

Oooh, how cozy is this bedroom? Love it. This shows how lovely the right wallpaper can look on all four walls of a bedroom, and it's one of the most effective small bedroom ideas also to help create interest in a tiny space. The print is nice and neutral and really subtle, plus it totally matches everything else going on in the room, which is a great way to make a small bedroom feel nice and cocooning. 

31. Or use paint to update your bedroom walls

blush pink bedroom walls with colorful rug and a neutral bed. Bedroom idea by Perch and Parrow

(Image credit: Perch and Parrow)

Even easier than wallpaper, paint can totally change your room in a matter of hours, plus it's a great way to experiment with color because it's not really permanent. Our choice for bedroom paint colors would always be soft, rosy hues that are going to be relaxing, and you can add more colors if you want a brighter look. 

32. Get creative with paint

an eclectric and colorful bedroom with an unusual headboard display.Bedroom paint ideas

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Firstly, this color palette is gorgeous – all those rusty colors and the bright pink! But we also love the idea of making the area above your bed a focal point by turning it into a mural. Why not scrap the headboard and create a DIY bedroom decor idea like this with just paint? All you would need is some masking tape, some paint, and some patience!

33. Create a panel effect with paint

Bedroom with half painted panelling

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball )

This is a great bedroom design idea for any space, and it works particularly well in small bedrooms to heighten the room. All you need to do is use masking tape and a ruler to mark where you want your lower color to end and just get painting! 

34. Work with the alcoves in your space

a monochromatic Bedroom idea with painted alcoves

(Image credit: Christies )

Working with your bedroom design is a must in all decorating schemes. And, if you want to be bold in your color choices, particularly if you love dark interior design ideas, painting an alcove is a great way to work this into your space. This room still looks bright and fresh but the dark wall, along with the matching bedding, adds a more dramatic feel. 

35. Create uniformity with DIY paneling 

Bedroom with grey paneling, bed and wooden bedside table/desk

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Paneling is everywhere at the moment! And, not just in traditional homes, as wall paneling works really well in modern spaces too. Fear not if you haven't been blessed with original paneling in your bedroom, as you can easily DIY the look. Just head over to the guide on how to achieve DIY wall paneling step by step.  

36. Choose contrasting colors for vibrant bedroom ideas

Green panelled walls in a master bedroom with a metal bed, yellow and pink throws, and patterned cushions

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

You see, wall paneling works so well in a cool and modern bedroom! We love this room, particularly because of the contrasting colors. The softness of the pink brings out bright teal and yellow so well, making it a great bedroom idea for couples and for anyone that adores vibrant spaces. 

37. Add shiplap paneling for a rustic look

Rustic bedroom idea by Amara, with shiplap paneling and neutral color theme

(Image credit: Amara)

This is a look that's all over Instagram at the moment. Very beachy, very relaxed, shiplap walls are the thing to have in a bedroom. Now, you can DIY the look with just cladding but we have also seen some fab wallpaper that replicates the look without the faff. Wayfair (opens in new tab) makes loads, as do Etsy (opens in new tab), so check them out. 

white and pink Bedroom with mirror gallery wall

(Image credit: Rebecca Hughes Interiors )

We have always been fond of a gallery wall, and we are loving the latest trend of maxing out on mirrors as an alternative to prints. A gallery wall of mirrors is a fab bedroom idea because no matter what the size of your room it's going to bring in more light, texture, and interest, and create space in even the smallest of areas. We have loads more mirror ideas over in our gallery too, if you need inspo.

39. Add pattern with an upholstered headboard 

blue walls and floral bedhead in Victorian home with view of stairs

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Choosing a pattern can help soften this often cumbersome-looking object! Because, particularly if yours is dated, a solid headboard can often dominate the entire space. A really easy DIY headboard idea is to cover it up with a playful patterned fabric. 

All you need for this DIY project is the fabric of your choice – enough to cover your headboard – and a staple gun. Lay the fabric flat on the floor, then remove the headboard and lay it over the fabric. Get someone to help you stretch the fabric over the front of your headboard and then secure it with a staple gun to the back. It doesn't matter if it looks a bit messy at the back of the headboard because no one will ever see it.

40. Or, completely DIY a headboard with cute cushions

wooden and gray bedroom with cushion headboard and dark floor

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies )

If you want an even softer look, copy this lovely bedroom idea. For this super easy DIY headboard idea, just pick two or three large square cushions and attach some small brass rings (curtains rings work well) to the top two corners. Then, using the size of your chosen cushions as a guide, mark out where you need to place the nails or screws that will hold up the cushions. Hammer some large brass nails (or use screws if you prefer) hang the cushions and you're done. 

And if you're on the hide and seek for an alternative headboard style for your guest bedroom, try this fab, easy peasy DIY headboard with just a spare roll of wallpaper - genius!

41. Pick bedroom furniture that plays with scale

a loud and colorful bed with blue walls and a funky bedside lamp, a great bedroom idea

(Image credit: KDLoves)

What does this mean exactly? Well, it can mean three things. First, and importantly, you don’t want to put a king-sized bed in a small bedroom. So, furniture kept in scale within the room is much more likely to make it feel larger. 

Next: don't over-clutter a small bedroom with too much furniture. Doing so will again take up space visually (as well as really). 

Lastly, pick a tall headboard like this one. Doing so will make the room feel taller and give it great focus. Patterns and prints on the bed and headboard like this fab design from KDLoves (opens in new tab) are great for distracting the eye and for keeping the bed as the focal point too. 

42. Go for a classic grey scheme in a bedroom 

Homesense x Lisa Dawson mono bedroom scheme.

(Image credit: Homesense)

You can't go wrong with grey bedroom ideas can you; they are always going to be in style and gray is a really easy color to work with other colors. You can change up the palette with seasons – in the fall and winter keep things cozy by adding warmer colors and darker grays, and then in summer keep all of them pale and add plenty of crisp whites and light colors. 

43. Keep things neutral for a farmhouse feel

neutral bedroom with natural textures and colors, in a Victorian cottage scandi bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

We always love a neutral bedroom decor scheme, as it's guaranteed to be soft and inviting. We like the idea of adding in lots of nice textures too, just to keep things from looking a bit flat. The rustic bedside table, upholstered headboard, and thick bedroom rugs in the image above all help to create interest in a space that doesn't have much color.

44. Go for a beachy look with an all white bedroom

a neutral beachy bedroom with wooden beams. Secret Garden Collection 2018 by Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

And of course, white bedroom ideas really are a classic. You can also do so much with a blank canvas, and change it up easily as styles and seasons change. During the summer months, a relaxed beachy look is definitely one to go for and this works so well with an all-white scheme. Add in some greenery, and a few cream or grey accents to soften the look. While in cooler months, you'll want to embrace Hygge a little more with some plush Scandi-style bedroom additions to your space, such as throws and cushions.

45. Go for a clean fresh look in your bedroom 

a totally white and clean bedroom with a plant and a wooden stool at the end of the bed

(Image credit: Ikea )

We are not sure how realistic this Ikea bedroom idea above actually is, but we LOVE it and we are sure you can copy some elements from this space. Maybe not the 'nothing else in your bedroom but a bed and tree' part, but you could create a very relaxed, clean vibe. Give the walls a fresh coat of white paint, pick out some new white bedding and hey, you could even add the tree. We love the added texture of the rattan stool too.

46. Add softness to a bedroom with blush hues 

blush tones in a bedroom with a gray rug and big windows. Bedroom ideas by Furniture Village

(Image credit: Furniture Village )
(opens in new tab)

Can you tell we love neutral bedroom decor? This room has just a hint of color with all those lovely peachy, blush hues. Again so easy to style differently too – add darker colors for a more moody, wintery feel, add golds to go more glam, or even add subtle prints for a cute boho feel. 

Love pink rooms as much as we do? Well, we have a whole feature for you to check out!

47. Or pick a warmer pink for a north-facing room

a warm pink bedroom with a rug and dark bedding

(Image credit: Oakapple)

On paper, this colorway may seem quirky, but in reality, it’s a beautiful combination and we love how Marisa from @oakappledecor (opens in new tab) has pulled this scheme together. The white bedding breaks it up visually and the texture of the knitted throw breaks up the overall look perfectly. A touch of pattern from the cushion and prints adds that decorative element, and we love the round lighting! 

48. Create atmosphere with a moody feature wall

Lucy Kemp Victoria Road house: Dark bedroom with parquet wood-effect wall behind bed

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies © Future)

Ah, finally some darker colors! Feature walls are great bedroom ideas as they come in so many different forms to suit your decorating style. What we love about this bedroom is the dark feature wall. The herringbone tiling effect adds interest and texture, which works wonderfully with those blue walls. Plus, it would be so easy to change the look up too. Paint the walls white and voilà, a completely different space.

49. Or create a feature wall with painted beading

a beaded feature wall with a bedroom in front, and light bright windows behind

(Image credit: M&S)

Looking to create a stand-out bedroom wall decor idea on a budget? Here's how to do it: use simple pine beading, glued and pinned to a wall, to create a simple geometric pattern – then paint it in a stand-out color.

This is a bedroom paint color that’s been very popular recently and it’s here to stay for a while longer. So if you fancy warming up a north-facing bedroom then this is your answer. It looks fabulous with the curvy blush pink headboard, and it’s a color that’s easy to accessorize. Gray is another shade that looks great with it, as does dark wood, so if you have those colors already then this mustard shade will fit right in. 

50. Fake Cottagecore with wallpaper that looks like wood

a bedroom with a wooden headboard and shelf above the bed

(Image credit: Sainsbury's Home)

All you need to complete this look are a few logs to throw on the burner so you can listen to the crackle while you doze off. We all secretly hanker after having a secret wood cabin to run away to, don’t we? 

Well, this look – cottagecore – is not too hard to achieve – if you have a wooden floor then you’re halfway there! Good at DIY? Then you can add wood panels to the wall, if not, source a wood wall style wallpaper. Add in some cozy bedding, plants, a good book, and a candle, and your look is complete! 

51. Be bold with bright, patterned wallpaper

country vintage bedroom with bright pink walls and pink bedding

(Image credit: Future)

We love color in a bedroom – and while we'd say the brighter the better, what we actually think is that bright colors need to be chosen really carefully to feel restful. Our number one rule is? Pick a punchy color (here, it's pink but it could just as easily be yellow), but stick to natural shades and use a lot of neutrals beneath them to show them off without them feeling garish. Like in this feminine bedroom above – a modern take on summery country chic we love.

52. Create a mini living room in your bedroom 

a rustic wooden bedroom, Bobby Berk's renovation of his childhood home

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

A bedroom chair is essential! Somewhere to sit and read, or spend an afternoon working, it just brings a nice relaxed feel into a bedroom. Curate almost a mini living room in the corner with a small table and a lamp too, throw down a rug and add some cushions to make it cozier. 

Plus, if you are renting and basically only have a room to your name, this is one of the most effective bedroom ideas to help zone your space and make it feel like you have separate areas, for different activities. 

53. Mix and match for a modern take on boho

monochromatic bedroom with a mix of vintage and ikea furniture

(Image credit: Ikea/Dan Duchars)

While old furniture in a bedroom can look lovely, it's sometimes not the most practical. Drawers that don't open properly, bedside tables with uneven legs, wardrobes with doors falling off their hinges? Yes, it's a familiar setup. But why not keep that vintage bedroom, boho look with smaller infrequently used pieces of furniture and accessories, but pick modern pieces for the more heavily used items. The overall result is actually really cool. 

54. Make bedroom storage stylish and discreet 

a white bedroom with build-in wardrobe and mural wall

(Image credit: China Cooper )

Bedroom storage is a must, but trying to squeeze in a place to keep all your clothes, bedding, shoes, and more, can be tricky. And for this reason, we say keep your storage as discreet as possible so your room isn't just overwhelmed by furniture. Make use of alcoves so wardrobes and drawers can be tucked away, and pick small pieces of storage furniture that are going to add some style to the room as well as be practical – case in point, this wooden blanket box at the end of the bedroom.

55. Use an open storage system for decoration

a pink and white bedroom with open storage. Proctor House: Anna and John used there skills as an artist and architect in a colourful transformation of their Battersea home

(Image credit: Fiona Murray)

Of course, bedroom storage doesn't always have to be practical, you can use it to add some personality to your bedroom too. Pick storage that has both open and closed options, so you can hide clutter behind doors and keep your prettiest things on show. 

56. Add a clothes rail for pretty and practical storage 

a clothes rail in a bedroom with a wooden door in the background

(Image credit: Ikea/Benjamin Edwards)

Struggling to cram all your clothes into your wardrobe? A clothes rail is a great clothes storage idea, that will not only provide a bit of extra hanging space but can look really lovely too. Pick out your prettiest clothes and go for a color palette too that you can change up your bedroom's style with the seasons. This is the Turbo (opens in new tab) rail from Ikea, chic and simple.

57. Swap out bulky bedside tables for built-in shelves

White bedroom with mounted sliding shelving and floating shelf side table unit next to bed dressed with rust and cream bedding

(Image credit: String at Utility Design)

If bedside tables are compromising your entire bedroom decor scheme or your space altogether, then remember that you can swap them out for bedroom shelf ideas, painted to match the wall behind. The lower they are, the bigger the bedroom will feel, too. Add as many as you can fit!

58. Pick statement lights for bedside tables

an eclectric bedroom with Pooky bedroom lighting

(Image credit: Pooky)

Oversized table lamps placed on either side of a bed are the perfect bedroom lighting idea and instantly give a very hotel-like vibe to a space. Combine a patterned base with a plain shade as you see above, or switch it so you have a simple base and a patterned shade. Maybe even go for the same fabric as your headboard or throw pillows for a really cohesive look. 

When it comes to picking bedroom lighting more generally 'think about what feel you’re after in the bedroom – is it calming and pared-back, warm and cozy, or something with a more opulent flavor? Then create your lighting scheme around that,' says Rohan Blacker, Founder of Pooky (opens in new tab). 'Keep bulbs shaded with material as opposed to glass, unless you want to use the light source for reading. If you’re a book lover, directional wall or desk lights are far more effective than lamps with lampshades, but they are less equipped to create warm, ambient light.'

59. Add character with antique effect task lighting

Bedroom idea with floral headboard and side light

(Image credit: Jemma Watts)

A bedside light is obviously essential. We love the seamless look that comes with a wall-mounted bedside light, which has no wires and is perfect if you want to keep the space on your table totally clear. They are also great in smaller bedrooms if you can't fit them on a bedside table.

60. And softness with pendant lighting

a light, Scandi-style bedroom idea from the Ikea S/S 2020 look book

(Image credit: Ikea)

And of course, you will need a 'big light' for your bedroom ceiling light idea. In a bedroom, the softer the better, so pick a shade in a light, warm material and add a warm bulb too. Rattan lights are so stylish at the moment, and a big bedroom trend, and are the best decorative ideas for bedrooms as they can make a bit of a statement but always give off a lovely light. A brilliant bedroom idea for those who like Scandi-style decor.

61. Warm up a small bedroom with fairy lights

white and gray Scandinavian style bedroom by Soak & Sleep, with fairy lights on a shelf

(Image credit: Soak & Sleep)

And you just can't go wrong with bedroom fairy lights, can you? Perfect for adding ambiance to a bedroom you can literally string them up where ever to add a soft cozy glow. 

62. Make the best use of natural light

a modern white bedroom idea. Sophie and George Pound transformed a neglected barn in east Kent into a family home, creating a country lifestyle Enid Blyton could have written about

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

If you have been blessed with lots of natural light in your bedroom, make the most of it. Pick out bedroom curtain ideas that aren't going to block out any light during the day – lace, net, light linen, all of these sheer fabrics would work for this bedroom idea. You can add a discreet roller blind underneath or a heavier curtain over the top to keep out light during the night. 

63. Expose bare floorboards 

modern loft bedroom with open en-suite, free-standing bath, plants and exposed wood flooring

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

The best decorative ideas for bedrooms needn't be complicated and fussy. Floorboards are a really practical choice in a bedroom – they are easy to keep clean, work with any style, and of course look lovely. If you are concerned about keeping the room warm, then rugs are the answer. Invest in a larger rug to keep the heat in and stop it from being too noisy underfoot, and then add smaller rugs over the top.

Oh, and obviously you can paint floorboards too; just head to our guide on painting floorboards for all the tips. 

64. Or keep thing cozy with a carpet 

bedroom with large open windows and wood scheme by carpetright

(Image credit: Carpetright)

Carpet is often an underestimated bedroom decor choice. But, choose wisely and you'll see how great it can be to add both warmth and coziness. Go for something relatively neutral on your bedroom floor so it's not the focus of your room and can cope with whatever style you add to your space.  

65. Add plenty of house plants for an easy bedroom update

a dark gray and black Bedroom idea, with houseplants aplenty

(Image credit: Ikea/ Polly Wreford)

House plants are the most organic of all the bedroom decorating ideas out there and they are such a great way to add calming or vibrant colors to your bedroom space. Mix up the size of plants you choose and have them all at different levels to create a real jungle feel. We have a whole feature on indoor gardening too for plenty of ideas. 

66. Incorporate a small stylish workspace

a Home office in a small white bedroom, with lots of natural artwork on the walls

(Image credit: Ikea/Dan Duchars)

We are all working from home a lot more. If you are squeezed for space in the rest of your house, or rent a room and need to create a modern home office idea, the bedroom is the place to do it. 

You want a small home office to fit seamlessly into your bedroom decor, so pick furniture and accessories that match the room's style. Let's be honest, you don't want a massive ergonomic office chair and a huge cumbersome desk, so go for slimline, stylish office furniture that could even double up as a dressing table. 

67. Create calm with a light color palette

a white and blue bedroom with white floorboards and walls. Egon Walesch and Richard Goodwin turned a run-down cabin into a stylish lakeside retreat

(Image credit: Philip Lauterbach)

For a truly chilled-out ambiance, be sure to keep your decor – window dressings and the like – light in color. You can still add some dark hues like in this room with the headboard, but otherwise, choose light and breezy tones for the defining features of the space.

68. Get a cool Scandi look with wood paneling

Laura Stubbs house: Scandi-style bedroom with MDF floor-to-ceiling wardrobes

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

More about simple and Scandi than dark and moody? You'll love this oak wall covering, then. Behind the wall, there are actually bespoke wardrobes made from MDF carcasses, but the covering is engineered oak flooring (there's that topsy turvy floor-to-wall trend again!), which looks amazing contrasted with the plain white walls. This also shows that a feature wall doesn't have to be behind your bed, either – use bespoke joinery like this to highlight interesting shapes or dramatic ceiling heights to amazing effect. 

69. Choose a wooden headboard with character

gorgeous patterned wooden headboard brings warmth to a Scandi-style bedroom filled with textured accessories

(Image credit: Denny Designs)

While the base color palette of this bedroom decor is neutral, the pattern of the wooden headboard teamed with the textured soft furnishing and other bedroom accessories make this space truly warm and welcoming. A great look for guest bedrooms, and we would totally choose this for our own space also.

70. Add energy with canary-colored shutters

Yellow shutters in very plain white bedroom

(Image credit: California Shutters)

After colorful bedroom ideas but not sure where to start? Shutters always look lovely in a rainbow of colors, plus they are perfect if you just want a pop of brightness, as when they are open they won't look as dramatic. This sunny yellow is so cool and works well with other hints of yellow dotted throughout the rest of the room. Such a great bedroom idea for bringing in color if you're a bit afraid of it! We have a whole guide to how to choose window shutters, so if they sound like a good choice for your bedroom, have a read of that before you buy. 

71. Clash patterns and use layering for drama

a loud purple bedroom with yellow furnishings, and lots of clashing prints and patterns

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Prefer a maximalist look? Use curtains to add patterns and start to build from there. Choose prints and colors for the rest of the room that will both complement and contrast the existing patterns. Bold color palettes are always going to be one of our favorite go-to bedroom decorating ideas, and it's the contrast of patterns that adds that eclectic touch that makes it so special. 

72. Add symmetry for a luxurious look

Guest bedroom idea with a punchy patterned headboard in a shapely silhouette, with blue and red scatter pillows.

(Image credit: KD Loves)

The quickest way to give your traditional bedroom decor an upgrade to a hotel feel is to keep things symmetrical. Match your bedside tables, the bedside lights, and the cushions too, just double up on everything – making this one of the easiest bedroom ideas. This will add a sense of balance to your room, plus it all just feels fancier.

What color is best for a bedroom?

The best colors for a bedroom will mostly come down to your personal style and the overall vibe you want to create in your space. For a serene, neutral bedroom opt for lighter colors like whites, creams, and pale grays. Layer them up in different tones so that despite the limited color palette there's still lots of interest and texture going on.

You could of course go the other way and opt for a dark bedroom color scheme. Darker colors may seem like a bold choice, but they're one of the best bedroom ideas because you often get that cozy, cocooning feel, especially if you go dark on all four walls and add in some soft lighting. 

And then there are the brights. Bright colors can work in a bedroom, but you don't want to overwhelm the space too much as you still want it to feel relaxing. We would recommend bringing in brighter colors in the form of accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and artwork.

What layout is best for a bedroom?

The best layout for a bedroom is usually pretty straightforward, as there will usually be an obvious space for the bed to go and you can base everything else around that. 

Place the bed on the main wall – which is either the largest wall or the wall your eye naturally goes to first when you walk in the room. If you can, we would recommend leaving around three feet from the edge of your bed to the wall so you can move freely around the space. 

For a balanced look add two bedside tables to each side of the bed and keep any other furniture on the other side of the room. To keep the space from feeling cluttered leave it at that if you can, and then bring in personality with artwork and small pieces of decor that reflect your style. 

How can you decorate a bedroom on a budget?

The best way to decorate a bedroom on a budget is to shop for furniture and decor second-hand. Not only is this going to save your money it will give your bedroom a more personal style too. 

DIY is always a good way to stick to a budget too, so give painting and wallpapering a go yourself as any DIY novice can do these successfully. And it often results in some of the best bedroom ideas.

Then, just be wise with where you spend and where you save – the best mattress, for example, is worth investing in, but for decor, you are going to switch out regularly as artwork and pillows stick to a budget. 

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