There are 3 super soothing weighted blankets on sale for Black Friday

Because you can't put a price on wellness

Black Friday weighted blanket round up
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Winter is well underway, which may come with a batch of seasonal blues. There is no simple fix but there are some things that can help make this time of year a little less daunting. We're big fans of weighted blankets for all their soothing benefits. Proven to help decrease stress and anxiety, the best picks can offer a little comfort and support at the best of times, but most especially, over winter.

We've tested a fair few weighted blankets at Real Homes, and can totally understand the surge in their popularity over the past years. And since a few of our gold-rated favorites are on sale for Black Friday, it's a good time to try one if you haven't already. There are best-selling therapy blankets from top bedding brands, as well as eco-friendly and budget buys at even more affordable prices. Take your pick and look forward to all the cozy and calm vibes.

The best Black Friday weighted blanket deals

Meet our weighted blanket tester: 

Amy Lockwood illustration
Amy Lockwood

Amy was a decor editor at Real Homes and now writes for sister brand, Ideal Home. Lockwood has tested all of these weighed blankets, amongst plenty of others, and admits she's a total convert: 

"As a self-proclaimed 'bad sleeper' whose rest is often disturbed by a racing mind, I have certainly had a whole lot of people recommend a weighted blanket to me over the past few years. However, weighted blankets don't come cheap, and as a skeptic I was doubtful they would really work. I mean, it's just a gimmick, right?... Wrong! I can definitely say that their even weight helped me sleep more soundly and they're also great for snuggling up on the couch. Any option with glass beads is perfect for applying the gentle all-over pressure that creates a comforting cocooning feeling."

Are weighted blankets really worth it?

Designed for stress, sleep, and anxiety, many swear by their weighted blankets and there is science there to explain their effectiveness. Using the principles of Deep Pressure Therapy, or DPT for short, which is the application of sensory touch — like a hug, squeeze, massage, or swaddling sensation — various studies have proved how weighted blankets can help soothe the nervous system and reduce anxiety. 

Not just recommended by us, but by the experts too, weighted blankets are worth it for those who may just need some comforting from time to time, explains Baloo Living (opens in new tab) founder Elizabeth Grojean. "Originally used to treat anxiety and autism spectrum disorders, it was noted that a heavier blanket often calmed users and helped them sleep more soundly," Grojean adds. "However these benefits aren't limited to those seeking help with a specific medical need; weighted blankets are now beloved by many for their help with general relaxation and comfort, as well as relief from stress, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and even PTSD."

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