We'll all be decorating our homes with these color trends in 2023

Grab your sunglasses, these hues are bright

Yellow color scheme living room with pink couch
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Nothing is closer to an interior design magic wand than color. With one coat of paint or with a bold new accent chair, you basically have yourself a refreshed room. It changes the mood instantly, so no wonder there's heavy interest in paint trends for 2023. 

Most forms of color in your home are temporary, so renters and small space dwellers can make the most of what shades are in, too. Wallpaper, pillows, blankets, trays, and books are a quick list of objects that'll infuse color instantly. If you do want to break out the roller, paint isn't permanent either and is pretty simple to switch up if another trend catches your eye (well, sort of easy if you don't mind shuffling furniture around).

With or without a can of paint, these color trends are what experts predict we'll be filling our homes with this coming year. Apologies to color minimalists everywhere, we predict most of you will be hiding in your rooms — these hues are bright.

Knowing which colors and trends are about to take the spotlight come January 1st is one thing, another is being able to bring them into your space (if you're into them). Apartment dwellers, renters, and small space owners might not be cracking into a paint can, but these colors go beyond your walls.

"In 2023 we will see various nuances of red and blue in different combinations and pairings," says Agi Raw of @raw.home.interior (opens in new tab). "Greens will not be that present anymore, as they have been on trend for a very long time. Natural colors based on natural materials will continue to be on trend." 

Let's jump in, shall we?

Reds and pinks

Pink side table and red and pink carpet

(Image credit: donanddandy / Instagram)

Let's just add two other bright colors to the mix: red and pink. Barbiecore took the world by storm this summer and more pink and red tones have been popping up in homes. Coincidence? Def not. Trends do come and go, but Pantone just announced that Viva Magenta is its Color of the Year a couple of days ago. So it's looking like red and pink are firmly cemented as hot colors for 2023. While you might want to work them into your space separately, this picture from Don & Dandy Creative Club shows how these bright, fiery colors work wonders when paired together.

Bold blues

Blue and yellow bedroom setup

(Image credit: raw.home.interior / Instagram)

Cobalt blue poked its head in last year, especially in fashion. But this bold and mesmerizing color is fully immersing itself into interiors this year. Raw says that "dark petrol blue and purple in combinations with soft pastels like yellow" will make themselves visible in apartments and houses. She adds that pale blue and ultramarine will tag along as well.

Though you might be feeling shy about painting your walls in a shocking blue hue, there are plenty of decorative accessories, bedding, and textiles that aren't as overwhelming but will let you embrace such a gorgeous color. Though if you go for paint, we're backing you.

Retro hues

Yellow color scheme in an apartment living room

(Image credit: theretroflat / Instagram)

To go along with the curvy, wavy shapes and dopamine decorating happening all around us, it makes sense that the vivid colors harking back to the '60s and '70s are seeing a revival. Emily of The Retro Flat (opens in new tab) embraced yellow hues in her home that are just as popular now as they were decades ago. If you're feeling groovy, this is your year to make it known through your apartment.

Gentle and calming hues

Lavender bathroom with plants and decor

(Image credit: _colorfulhome_ / Instagram)

You can come out from under the covers, minimalists. Not every color trend next year is blindingly bold. Raw predicts that a calming and relaxing mix of shades and hues will be joining us, too. Raw calls this a "cocooning color scheme" and notes that it's "intimate and comforting." 

This doesn't necessarily mean only neutrals everywhere, but tones with a little more life. Lilac, lavender, peach, and coral are just as likely to appear in this context alongside caramels, browns, and warmer tones. Katrin of _colorfulhome_ (opens in new tab) uses lavender tones in her bathroom for creating a serene, restful space, and we definitely want to copy.

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