My Instagram-famous rug is 25% off in the Ruggable Black Friday sale

Stylish? Tick. Affordable? Tick. Washable? Double Tick

Ruggable Jonathan Adler Inkdrop rug in Annie's bedroom by window with tulips
(Image credit: Future/Annie Collyer)

You've probably seen THAT Ruggable rug on your Instagram feed before. You know, the one designed by Jonathan Adler? With the geometric detailing? That's the one. Well, I have it in my bedroom and I LOVE it — as does my dog to sleep on at night — and right now, it's a whopping 25% off for Black Friday in the Ruggable (opens in new tab) sale. Yes, that means it starts from just £95.20/$95.20 when you use the code BF22.

This is why we love the month of November.

If you're in the market for a new rug, perhaps for your bedroom, living room, entryway, or hallway, then this is a great contender. Not only is it super stylish, but it's so easy to clean in your washing machine or with your vacuum cleaner. Comfort-wise, it's super soft beneath your feet and provides a satisfying squish when you walk over it. Its design is nice and unobtrusive so it blends with a range of decor styles, be that minimalist, boho, or Scandi. Essentially, we just love it.

This is why I have to shout about how affordable it is. Design aside, I really like Ruggable as a brand. The customer service is second-to-none and it's eco-friendly, too. Each rug is made to order so the company never has any extra stock. You can keep the rug pad for years and change the design when you want a refresh. Convinced? You can shop its 25% off Black Friday sale for yourself, or keep scrolling to see the rug I am obsessing over right now.

Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Camel & Ivory Rug | Was from £119 (opens in new tab)

Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Camel & Ivory Rug |
Was from £119, Now from £95.20
(opens in new tab)Was from $119, Now from $95.20 (opens in new tab)
We're totally obsessed with the design of this rug, not to mention that it's perfect for high-traffic areas of your home. It comes in a whole range of sizes, whether you need a runner size, a rounded rug, or a square one. Just be sure to check that it will fit in your washing machine using Ruggable's handy on-site guide.

Ruggable Jonathan Adler rug in bedroom with bed sitting on top

(Image credit: Future/Annie Collyer)

Why buy a Ruggable in the Black Friday sale?

Well, firstly because you'll get 20% off and it rarely has sales, but also because there are so many reasons why you should buy a Ruggable. These  other than because of how stylish they are. And how many designs you can choose from! Here's why else to invest...

1. They are machine washable! Yes, you read that right. Impressive, huh? Simply peel your rug away from its pad and squeeze it into your machine. Check that the dimensions of your rug suit the size of your washing machine first, though. Larger rugs may need a 14 kg machine to work with. Otherwise, we've got an entire guide on how to clean a rug (the right way!).

2. Ruggable makes its rugs to order. This means it never has overstock, making this brand a little more eco-friendly than you might have thought.

3. Buy once, keep forever! The idea with a Ruggable is that you buy your pad which you'll keep forever, then you can replace the top part of your rug (the part that's decorative and soft to the touch) when you want a change. Changing only this part also costs so much less. You can also switch your rugs around from one room to another with total ease.

4. They arrive rolled, in the box, making them easy to lug up your stairs, fit through doorways, and roll up again if you move house.

5. They're great for pet owners. The specific rug I have is so short that pet hairs sit on top, waiting for me to vacuum them up. Also, my dog loves to sleep on it despite having a rather expensive bed right beside him. That says a lot!

6. They're super kid friendly. Spilled cereal? OJ accident? We know how it is, and if you're thinking of a rug for the kid's playroom or for anywhere they eat nearby, what's easier than one you can wash in your machine?

7. They're tumble-dryer-friendly (depending on the rug type). Certain types of rugs can even be tumble dried for that extra fluffy effect.

Need we go on?

If you're a Prime member, then we've also handpicked a few Amazon rugs that are in the Black Friday sale.

Ruggable in bedroom by window with tulips in window

(Image credit: Future/Annie Collyer)
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