I broke up with my bathrobe for these luxe towels in The White Company Black Friday sale

They make a good Christmas gift for mom, too

Egyptian cotton towels from The White Company by a bath tub
(Image credit: The White Company)

If you're a perpetual ice block, like me, grabbing your towel post-shower is basically subjecting yourself to an Arctic blast — especially during winter. Those miserable cold minutes of drying off are only worsened when you wrap yourself up in a rough, tiny towel. Dramatic? Sure, but that doesn't change how much I hate it.

I bought a bathrobe to soften the blow, but who slips into that without toweling off? As with a lot of my home goods, I've learned the hard way that price and quality are often related when it comes to the best bath towels. Aside from many towels missing the mark when it comes to softness and length, I've also become a major hater of bath sheets that shed nonstop. After using less-than-satisfactory rags, I went searching for better towels. 

In an effort to impress guests (and upgrade my own bathroom), I went a la The White Company route and stumbled across its luxury Egyptian cotton towels (opens in new tab). A towel is just a towel — or so I thought. These supremely fluffy and soft options rewrote the definition of bath sheets on so many different levels. What makes buying them all the sweeter is that they're currently part of The White Company's Black Friday sale.

Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels — Bath Sheet | Was $49 (opens in new tab)

Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels — Bath Sheet |
Was $49, Now $36.75 (opens in new tab)
Was £36, From £28.80 (opens in new tab)
Cut the cold towel off short with these plush picks that feel extra warm, soft, and thick. I had zero issues with shedding and would rather wrap up in one of these bad boys than a bathrobe any day of the week. After washing, they've only gotten softer.

Everything you need to know about The White Company Luxury Egyptian Cotton towels

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Sizes: Face cloth, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet, super jumbo; from W12" x L12" to W45'' x L71''
  • Colors: White and three shades of gray
  • Weight: 700 gsm

Stack of Egyptian cotton towels from The White Company

(Image credit: The White Company)

You obviously need the bath sheet size (opens in new tab) — or super jumbo for a real luxe feel — to fully wrap yourself in a fluffy towel hug. Still, having a hand towel and washcloth in the same fabric hanging around won't hurt either. Although the sheet is originally $49/£49, The White Company is offering two discount codes for its US and UK shoppers. If you're in the US, MAGIC25 will get you 25%, and if you're in the UK MAGIC20 will get you 20% off. (That's off everything btw, so add those other gifts you've been eyeing, too.) 

So what else makes these towels worth buying over your run-of-the-mill pick?

The material also holds heat well and whether you've just taken it out of the dryer or left it to warm up on a heated rack, it'll provide you with the coziest reception post-shower. Additionally, they do not shed whatsoever and won't leave you coated with a new layer of fur. What else really justifies their price tag is how they wear over time. After months of use and runs through my washing machine, the towels are somehow impossibly fluffier and softer. Not that you need any more convincing, but you most definitely deserve to have your own set.

Other Black Friday towel sales from The White Company

If you're in the mood to elevate your own bathroom or treat your mom or bestie to spa-level towels, shop these other picks that just so happen to be discounted, too.

FYI: These towels aren't the only thing worth looking at in The White Company's Black Friday sale but I'll let you fill out your own wishlist. 

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