Bolbot Yuriy Kononovich (editorial board member)

Bolbot Yuriy Kononovich
doctor of medical sciences, professor

Pediatrician, doctor of medical sciences, professor. Born in 1951 At 1973 p. graduating from the pediatric faculty of DMI. Having graduated from the clinical residency (1973-1975 pp.) At the Department of Hospital Pediatric DMI. Z 1975 p. - Assistant of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics. At 1981 p. having cleared a candidate dissertation “Special features of gas exchange and associated with them the same metabolic processes in pneumonia in children of early age”, and in 1996 p. - Doctorate "Relapsing bronchitis in children (mechanical form, environmental aspects, rehabilitation, prognosis)."

At period 1987-1990 pp. Yu. K. Bolbot vikonuvav International Conference, praciuvav as a teacher of pediatrics at the Medical Institute metro Uambo (People's Republic of Angola). Pidgotuvav pidruchnik z pedіatrії portuguese my "Manyal de Pediatria" (Uambo, 1990. 109 p.). Z 1992 to 1995 p. - Associate Professor of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics 1, and since 1995 p. - Head of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics 2. З 2015 р. - Head of the Department of Pediatrics 3 and Neonatology. S 1997 to 2015 p. - Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Students with Prepared Students.

Scientific science - pulmonology of a child’s age. The sponsor of the concept of recurrent bronchitis in children with multifactorial non-recurrent bronchitis. He is the author of 350 scientific publications, 4 monographs, 18 academic publications, 4 patents, 10 regional proposals, two methodological recommendations, 10 information sheets. Під його керівництуом виконано 9 candidate dissertations. Equality 2000 p. - additional offers to the congress of five American partnerships and social pediatric activities awarded to the pediatric faculty at the third millennium, metro Boston, USA.

Zhovtnya 2018 r. Professor Yu. K. Bolbot Buv obrazov head Asotsіatsіі pedіatrіv Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk region. Yuriy Kononovich - member of the editorial colleges of the journal “Child Health”, “Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Genealogy”, “Dermatovenereology. Cosmetology. Sexopathology. "

Professor Yu. K. Bolbot - Honors of the Licar of Ukraine, member of the international professional association, American social and outpatient pedagogy, honorary member of the Russian academic faculty, member of the Russian Federation Awarding the bronze medal of VDNG of the Ukrainian SSR and the Soviet Socialist Republic (1980, 1981), the Honorary Diploma of the Ambassador of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Angola (1989), the Order of the Monk Illy Muromtsy of the 2nd degree (2011), the Order of St. Luke Krimsky (Ukraine, 2016) 2001, 2016), Certificate of Honor of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council (2011), Certificate of Honor of the DOR (2011), Medal of Merit for the Mist (2011, 2015), Honor Links of Honors of the Licar of Ukraine (Decree of the President of Ukraine of 2002 and 13 r., No. 22), codice of the President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine V. Kremen for the fate of the IX International Competition “Innovation in Integration”.


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