Svyatenko Tetyana Viktorovna (editorial board member)

Svyatenko Tetyana Viktorovna
doctor of medical sciences, professor

Dermatovenerologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor. She was born 31 sickle 1972 p. at the metro station Dneprodzerzhinsk at the Rodinі engineer. She graduated from the middle school of the underground m. Dniprodzerzhynsk Gold Gold Medal. At 1996 p. graduated from the faculty of Dnepropetrovsk State Sovereign Medical Academy for the degree “Likuvalna on the Right”, with a diploma from the Signature. Z 1999 p. - Assistant of the Department of Shkirnykh and Venereal Twigs DDMA. U 1999 p. cleansed from the Specialized Radical Center at the Kiev Medical University. O. O. Bogomoltsya Ph.D. dissertation "Peculiarities of overcoming psoriasis among those who suffer from alcoholism, which is more complex." In 2004-2006 pp. - Associate Professor of the Department of Shkirnykh and Venereal Twigs DDMA; in 2006-2008 - Associate Professor, Department of Medical Medicine FPO DDMA. At 2008 p. at the Specialized meeting of the Kyiv National Medical University. O. O. Bogomoltsya cleaned up a doctoral dissertation “Complexly atypical forms of red flat deprive.” S 2008 p. - Professor of the Department of Shkirnykh and Venereal Twigs DMA. Professor T. V. Svyatenko є member of the Ukrainian Association of Dermatovenerologists, cosmetologists, Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Association of Dermatologists, venereologists, cosmetologists of the Ukrainian Academy of Dentistry, Expert of the Ministry of Health for specialties “Dermatovenererology”, “Child of Dermatovenereology”, expert of DAK of Ukraine for the fakh “Dermatovenereology”. More than 500 scientific publications, 3 monographs; є by the author and sponsor 9 posibnikiv, 8 patents, 8 informational lists.


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