Modern Christmas decorations to shop if you're not feeling basic red and green

Chic, not cheesy

Christmas tree artwork on a bench
(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

My mom's excitement around Christmas decorating rubbed off on me. Every year I get giddy when it's time to lug out the box of ornaments and garlands. That being said, our interior style tastes are pretty different and that goes for Christmas decorations too. Modern Christmas decorations are more my speed. She, on the other hand, likes her ornaments and stockings red, green, and traditional — all nice, but not my style. Please don't hunt her down and tell her that.

If you similarly prefer your place to maintain its sleek and chic aesthetic even through the holiday season, welcome. I've rounded up a nice little group of modern Christmas decorations that keep the season in mind but won't completely erase your personal design style from your home over the next month. 

Modern white Christmas decorations

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Colorful modern Christmas decorations

Modern Christmas tree decor and toppers

Modern black Christmas decorations

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