Brace yourself: Weirdcore and mushroom decor are coming, according to Pinterest

We have thoughts on these 2023 design trend predictions

Home decor trends in a collage
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Look into Pinterest's crystal ball and you'll see some pretty wild home decor trends emerging in 2023. Maybe last year you wouldn't have hung up a glow-in-the-dark mushroom poster on your wall or bought an eyeball-themed tray for your bedside table, but this year it seems a lot of us are down for it. 

As wacky as they may be, we are so on board. In addition to some of the stranger trends (such as weirdcore), there are options for the not-so-adventurous, too. Modern and vintage decor mixes are staying put, for instance. 

Pinterest has also predicted that different trends will be more or less popular with certain generations. When it comes to Gen Z and millennials, these three stood out and have already begun infilitrating our rooms. Here is our take on three trends Pinterest is forecasting, and a few cute picks for bringing them into your home.

Mushroom themes

Mushrooms are already cropping up everywhere. I'm not complaining either. After reading a book on the subject last year, I have become obsessed with fungi and lichen. It's not just another weird new hobby of mine either — apparently we're all into mushrooms now. On top of learning about them, we're ebringing them into our living spaces as well symbolically and literally (hello, mushroom growing kits (opens in new tab)). 

You don't necessarily need bright red toadstools everywhere though. Mushroom decor can be more lax (so you won't get sick of it after a week). To pay homage to all-things fungi, here are a few cute picks.

"Hipstoric" homes

I'm into this word, which is basically the definition of new meets old. We all know that thrift stores, antique shops, and passed-down home goods have made decorating our spaces way more fun these last few years. That draw towards mixing new and old is sticking around. 

We're clearly way more invested in it heading into 2023, too, because Pinterest has noted a 530% increase in interest surrounding the mixture of modern and antique pieces. This is also guaranteed to result in an apartment that feels more like you and less like an IKEA catalog. 


I know: Everything has -core at the end of it these days. Cottagecore started it and since then we've seen an explosion of niche decor styles (see: crustaceancore and dark academia). Well, now there's weirdcore. You probably already know what it is, but for the uninitiated, the look melds surrealism with the modern day. It features images and visuals of things that might make you scratch your head (like pixelated photos with quotes, liminal spaces that are slightly disturbing to look at, and some pretty eerie art). 

This isn't the pretty florals of cottagecore — in homes, it translates to fantasy artwork, optical illusions, dizzying wallpapers, and bizarre decorative objects. Don't get it? It's fine. Here are some PG, not-so-creepy picks.

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