15 of our favourite bunk beds for style, practicality and fun

Save floorspace for playing with these cute buys!

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Whether you're fed up with stepping on LEGO every two minutes or sick of the constant squabbles about space, you need to buy a bunk bed if you have two kids sharing one bedroom. You'll thank yourself a bunch, and you'll thank us even more thanks to this guide. We've been shopping in our favourite stores and below you'll find a list of the top 15 bunk beds to buy. All of these have been chosen because of their customer rating and their design, whilst considering how practical they really are. They'll be enjoying all of that extra floor space (and you'll be enjoying the peace and quiet) in no time.

A bunk bed is a simple yet smart way to free up floor space without having to get rid of any furniture or toys. Some bunk beds can actually double as more furniture such as a wardrobe or extra clothes drawers. Yes, we've found a bunch of storage-savvy and smart bunk beds below, to keep their bedroom looking cute. What else? We found a triple sleeper, too, as well as a bunk bed that looks like a VW campervan. Because why not?

Changing the kids' beds doesn't need to be as difficult as finding a new bed for yourself (we've also got adult bed frames we can recommend!). In fact, this should be a fun and hassle-free experience for everyone involved. So much so that we've been sure to feature a few bunk beds that can be used as two singles should your living situation change any time soon. Handy! And once you're done, why not check out our favourite children's duvet covers, as tried and tested by the little members of the Real Homes team. Browse our top bunk beds from everywhere including Noa & Nani, Happy Beds, Argos and more...

The best bunk beds for kids' rooms

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Bunk beds with storage

These are our favourite bunk beds with built-in storage, to save even more space. Whether that's drawers or shelves, you decide...

Bunk beds without built-in storage

These bunk beds don't have any built-in storage such as drawers or shelves, but in the case of the bottom bunk not being on the floor, they do have some under bed storage area that you can use.

4 things to consider when buying a bunk bed

1. Height
If you're planning on buying a bunk bed for younger children, be careful about the height: too tall and you might find that your little one will be fearful of climbing the ladder. Also, you'll need to ensure that your child can comfortably climb into and sit up straight in the bed, without fear of hitting their head on the ceiling.

2. Guard rails
If your child is a restless sleeper, a sturdy guard rail is a must-have – especially if they are younger. Some bunk beds come with a rail on the bottom bunk, too. It's all down to what you feel comfortable with.

3. Adaptability
Can the bunks be split down into two twin beds once your children move into their own rooms? If you're buying for one child, is there an option for a desk beneath the bunk, or a fold-out chair to create a sleepover space for guests? If you are catering for a guest rather than an extra child, you could get away with having a sofa bed in their bedroom, instead.

4. Access
The ladder is usually fixed, but how easy is it to climb? If it isn't fixed, just be sure to check that it can sit in the right place in their bedroom. Somewhere easy to reach! Otherwise, wider steps tend to be easier for kids to climb.

What age is OK for bunk beds?

The majority of retailers, when selling a bunk bed, say that they are appropriate from six years. We say that you can make this judgement yourself, based on your child and how comfortable you feel about it as all kids are all different. It's always a smart option to put your oldest on the top bunk and ensure that this child is older than six, however.

Where to buy a bunk bed?

Still not found the bunk bed of your (kids) dreams? We've listed lots of places you can buy a new bunk bed from online. See them below and click through to shop their range.

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