12 cosy throw blankets to keep you wrapped up all winter

Welcome in cosy season with style

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Introverts, cosy season is here. You can now unapologetically snuggle up on the sofa, drink hot chocolate, and light a candle. Whether you’ve been wanting to get into a good book or there’s a film you’ve been waiting to watch, now’s the time to stay in. Sounds like bliss, we know. But you might be missing one vital winter essential — a blanket. A good throw blanket can increase comfort levels and have your home looking styled for the season. 

From chunky knit blankets to lightweight throws, there are all sorts of styles, colours, and sizes to choose from. They’ll bring a splash of colour and texture into your space and keep you completely snug, without costing too much either. Anything to avoid turning the heating on this winter, right? 

To help you find the perfect match, we've gathered up some of the best throw blankets to buy right now. Many of these hail from fan-favourite retailers like Anthropologie, Dunelm, and John Lewis, as well as from the best bedding brands like Dusk and Bedfolk, so you’re sure to find a throw you’ll like. And if you’re wanting something heavier to help you sleep, you might want to try a weighted blanket too.  

12 cosy blankets and throws 

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Where to buy a new throw?

Yet to find a fancy new throw to blend in with your modern living room or boho bedroom? Our help is what you need. Here are the most popular destinations to buy a throw online. Simply click through to shop a range of throws.

How we chose these throws 

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Louise Oliphant

Since throws are as much about style as they are feel, Louise has shopped around for throws that are both trendy and crafted from great materials. After all, no one wants an itchy blanket wrapped around them.

Decorative details aside, these throws have been chosen for their practical properties, like how soft they are and how well they wash. We looked to customer reviews to get an idea of how customers rate them and how easy they are to maintain. Of course, they have to look pretty, but the plainer options would need to withstand the durability test too.

"If you find yourself snuggled up under a blanket more nights than most, like me, you'll know it's important to invest in a blanket that's worth as much as it looks, and lasts. I have Ethical Bedding Co's Luxury Eucalyptus Throw / Blanket, which does have a bigger price tag. But I've not had to turn the heating on (just yet), nor am I cold at night, be it sat on the sofa or in my bed. It's soft to the touch, and has stayed that way even after a few washes." 

What should you look out for when buying a throw?

Let's face it: choosing a throw (or two) can be a difficult decision, which is why we recommend alternating between throws in your home depending on the season. There are lightweight linen throws in bright colours for summer and thick faux fur options for autumn and winter. 

Material: Mainly, the material you go for is down to personal preference and how warm you want to be. Lots of throws are made from 100% cotton, which is great for year-round use. Otherwise, a fluffy blanket will keep you cosy in winter, while a linen one will be breezy enough in the summer.

Size: The size of the throw should match its purpose, whether it's to cover a bed or a couch. If your new throw is for a single bed, opt for something smaller. Draping it over a larger bed? A bigger throw would be better. The bigger the throw the more people it can comfort, just remember that. Throws that are too big may drown out a smaller sofa and could look slightly out of place when splayed over the arm.

Price: Many throw blankets are relatively affordable, with some cheap ones costing as little as £30 and more expensive ones stretching into the hundreds. Working out how much you'd like to spend is a great move and will help you pare down your options. This, of course, depends on the size and material too. The larger, more premium fabric throw, the more expensive. 

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